Poets Are Hidden Heroes

Poetry is lame for people who do not understand the truth of reality as they adore the illusion of living falsity. Who loves to read something that cannot be understood by ordinary minds? Or ignorant minds that want to remain calloused. The art of speaking truth in a delicate and precise manner is sweet to the ears of wise men. Although sometimes it is fabricated with human emotions that help shake beautiful vibrations of feelings. It remains amusing until now, never obsolete, but always there with time. When people are silent in times of realization, only poetry speaks directly to them like a friend from nowhere. Poets are never appreciated until their works save people in despair to come in light of understanding.

The poets are invisible heroes that

The poets are invisible heroes that are not recognized while lurking disguised in the street or behind a window. They are just normal people with sharper eyes that could distinguish ingenuity from what is foolish. Ordinary citizens think of them as people who only exist during the renaissance period since such terminology is somewhat old. It seems like the type of men who wear fancy clothing like Shakespeare in the movie with a cool mustache or golden wardrobe. The existence of these renowned people from the past is not qualified in the category of awesomeness today since poets become obsolete in eyes of common men. Works were admirable, as poets speak from their heart, but now, it becomes a basis of old examples of historical literature. Students will research about them as part of an assignment or just mere individuals who found a way to stardom in their time.

Since teachers depict them as extraordinary

Since teachers depict them as extraordinary individuals, still not enough to be a prime model of modern society since there is just no force behind them at all. Rather than comparing them to the popular artists today, they are too far from being recognized as equal as people have accumulated or considered dozens of philosophies that are applicable to life. The expansion of knowledge made them objects that can be cited during the debate of the famous past. People may not ridicule them directly, as sometimes the ingenuity becomes a matter of a serious topic for trivial citizens.

Poets Are Hidden Heroes

When you hear the word poet, it is not an interesting word or topic that even children want to delve into. Talking about fantasy sports are better than the art of poetry, poets, or anything related to literary works now. Only a few people care about it, as even kids who are oblivious of poets may subconsciously ignore their existence later on because of the modern influence around them. A sort of person who is boring, too serious in life, as that is the typical description for both men and women today.

There is less or no gap of admiration between poets or artists since living in a different time has become the veil that separates past or present. More like being described as a crazy person now than someone who is admirable. You cannot recite poems in the middle of the street with fancy clothing as you will be regarded as a deluded person. There is a reason why poets are no longer out there and why their existence ceased in time. One of which is the use of highfalutin words that are too cheesy to be heard unless you want to be ridiculed by ordinary citizens. A nuisance to society, as people care less about wisdom or insights now. The period of time when these beautiful souls are halted to speak freely had happened already, as all literary works are being muffled, not by law, but by mass preference.

As more souls love to dwell in ignorance, more souls ceased to bring out the inner talent of poetry. It is difficult to exist with others when a talent that will separate you from them. Questions of existence are disregarded as those questions are too complicated for the typical crowd. There may be living poets existing in your life now disguised to be someone ordinary instead of being extraordinary. As it happens that poets are men of wisdom, there is always a way for them to exist peacefully while sharing their wisdom in silent ways.