Poetry and Poets that write them

Humans have different ways of entertaining themselves and listening to poems counts. All poems are between prose and music, with all of them intertwined. Poems are carefully researched words that are short as they rhyme. Rhythm is essential for all poems, as the words bring the message, rhymes bring the entertainment, keeping people at their seats’ edge. Like stories, songs and novels, poems have different themes due to their writers’ picks. There are poems about war, reminding people about all wars, physical, mental with social wars as well.

For emotional humans, poems are written to convey as well as build up emotions. A poem is solely dependent on the people that compose as well as present them. Poetry is the art of writing poems to be presented before an audience for their listening pleasures. It is a complete process, coming up with ideas, writing and presenting. At events, shows and other gatherings, audiences often hire poets to display their skills in poetry. There are 3 types according to poets that do it for a living or for fun. These are further divided into other minor ones.

Every writer who writes a poem

Some professionals prefer doing lyric poems, which are short poems that are not usually narrative. Dramatic monologs, sonnets, odes and elegies are generally classified as lyric poems. Narrative poetry involves following a sequence of events which creates characters while arranging them in a plot. Descriptive is the last one in this list, as its name implies, it describes mainly. Other types could have bits of descriptive type in them, but it often stands alone.

Every writer who writes a poem professionally is regarded seriously as a poet. When a poet writes a poem, it is respected generally by all who listen to it. Poets dedicate their time to either doing research or gathering knowledge from a memory and placing it in a work of art. A poet writes and recites a poem, if it is good, listeners snap their fingers repeatedly.

A poet is someone who writes

Like every aspect of professionalism does, a poet has to dedicate time to learn. Continuous hard work in learning and constant practice improves a poet as they progress. They get invited to occasions as well as organized poetic gatherings. At these functions, they get paid, when they publish their work, they get paid.

A poet is someone who writes a poem that is called a poet, meaning Williams Shakespeare was one. Williams is recognized globally for his work in stories, plays and poetry. He is currently regarded as the best in his field, in writing, dramatizing with general display. In his brief time working, Shakespeare created numerous poetic masterpieces which still last. Shakespeare’s books on poetry with plays and dramas are currently still being used and remastered. This poet wrote over 30 sonnets in his lifetime which clearly show how skillful he was. Othello is one of William’s greatest works, it was originally a play but had a special poem written for it.

Poetry and Poets that write them

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe is documented as a great poet due to his works. Aside from writing a poem, Johann was a playwright, novelist, statesman and a scientist. Goethe’s inspirations were the powerhouse behind the poet’s professionalism. There were quotes written down by Johann that are still used currently because of their authenticity.

One quote that stands out is “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free”. Tragedies were numerous in Wolfgang’s life, these were why his work was mostly sad. Four of Goethe’s five children died at a young age, multiplying his grief with time. Eroticism was part of Johann’s work, readers with listeners who love these types enjoyed them.

Labeled as the Shakespeare of Spain, Miguel de Cervantes is a popular poet as well. Miguel wrote Don Quixote, an all-time classic that has captured the mind of readers worldwide. Besides Don Quixote de la Mancha, this writer wrote several poems that you could derive interest in. There was one where Cervantes wrote about a gypsy girl who was talented and wise beyond her age. Recently, writers would pick a poem written by him while transforming it into a play for interested audiences. All these great professionals dedicated time to compile such great art, their works lived on. Once a person decides to put in effort or energy into writing a poem for any reason, you call them professionals.